The 1000 True Fan Strategy

Become a true fan of Yukes


It is a simple strategy. I can't approach millions of people, but I think I can get one thousand.


I am looking for people who enjoy my music enough to help me jumpstart music career. 


Being a true fan is easier than ever. I've made an online form that takes 10 minutes to complete, and ensures you'll be the first to know about what happens next.

Step 1/4

Follow YukesMusic on Instagram.

Step 2/4

Like & comment the RadiiChina Article.

This is a particularly important one. If we get even 50 people to comment on the page, we'll be the most popular article on the new site and will attract the attention of the editors. This is the article being shared with people of interest.
No registration required to add a comment.


Step 3/4

Share this video with a friend.

Wholly and earnestly, we're not reaching people we don't know yet. We only want organic, real connections.

"Hey check out my friend who plays this crazy instrument." Whatever you want. Talk about it. 

Just show someone you think would be interested, and let them know I am thankful for their interest.


Step 4/4

Join the list. So I know who my true fans are.

I swear this isn't another newsletter. If something big happens, I want to let you all know. 

I'll write the letters personally. Even if I'm on a tourbus between shows, these letters won't be handed to some social media manager. They're going to be real, and that's my promise. 

Additional Support

If you feel compelled to help further, there are a number of things you can do.

If you have a lead on blog write-ups, publishers, events or galleries, performances, you may email me directly at


If you are on Chinese social media, you may find several links here.









Public Wechat





For more information, you can read about the 1000 true fans theory on Kevin Kelley's site.