Google Glass Works

In 2014, I was one of the lucky few to experience Google Glass.

Never has there been a camera closer to the human eye.

That's what cameras are for. To emulate the human perspective.

Lifestyle aside, It was an invaluable tool as an artist, both to capture a true POV and spontaneous moments that would otherwise take time to setup a camera. As a musician, being able to record myself hands-free helped capture & manifest some of my best spontaneous work.

The time of Google Glass has past, but I am still happy to share my work, as it was an invaluable element in my busiest year of college in NYC. 

Music Video

AWARD-WINNING 60's Style Psychedelic Performance. 

This was the first time a company paid for my flight. Google flew me out to LA to showcase my project, and hosted a Q&A on how I made it. 

Indie Childhood-style Imagination Music Video

By placing Google Glass on my young actors, I was able to successfully capture the POV of a young child in a fantasy setting. 


When Google first gave me a pair of Google Glass, I had no time to spare. It was Sophomore Year of college, and I had two 12-hour shoots back-to-back. As a VFX supervisor, it was invaluable having a camera on-hand to document the lifestyle of these abstract pieces. 

When asked to create a lifestyle piece, I decided to capture my nightly practice in live-performance Projection Mapping in my Chinatown apartment. In retrospect, this is a pretty solid look into how I spent most of my time alone that year.